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1 October 2018


Manual Booking for 2019
Click the link below for our Booking Form
and Tour Information and Release Agreement.

This form contains detailed instructions for completing your booking.

After download is complete, open the form on your computer desktop using Adobe Acrobat. Print the Booking Form, complete it by hand, sign and mail it to Intimate France, along with a check for $750 per person as a deposit. (If you would rather pay the deposit by credit card, email us and we will generate a request for payment via PayPal. You need not have a PayPal account in order to use this method.)

Download 2019 Booking Form (266k) • French & Spanish Basque • Dordogne, France • Italian Lakes & Alps • Dalmatian Coast & Broatia

Don't have Adobe Acrobat? Download a free copy here:

(Or email us and
we'll mail you
all necessary forms)

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