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11 April 2017

Custom tours * Trip planning * Incentive travel
Custom tours — travel with friends

Form a group of family and/or friends and enrich your travel experience.
Special pricing for groups from six (the minimum) to eight travelers.

By forming your own group, you can call the shots – including departure dates, itinerary, tour visits and overall themes.

Contact us for details.

Let us plan your itinerary for you

We have 30 years of detailed knowledge about France, Germany, Italy, Spain and other European countries.. Let us help you plan your next trip. We can show you a Europe you never knew existed.

We can customize an individual itinerary for you and suggest hotels
and sightseeing you'd never find on your own. The very best insider
sights are never listed in guidebooks. Contact us for details.

Incentive travel reward your employees

An Intimate France tour makes an exceptional incentive for your top staff members. We can create the perfect motivational trip at special corporate rates.

Roadside castle in the Dordogne. one of France's most beautiful regions

Your top employees will be even more productive after
Intimate France
takes them to Provence, Dordogne, Normandy,
Brittany or Burgundy. Contact us for details.

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